Accommodation Bookings

Room Type Equipment Booking Price  
    Student Non-student
Small student room Single bed, desk and chair £37/day, £160/week, £505/month £48/day, £175/week, £600/month
Large student room Single bed, desk and chair, washbasin and balcony £46/day, £190/week, £580/month £58/day, £295/week, £810/month
    For one For two
Guest room Twin beds, desk and chairs, bathroom,TV, tea and coffee-making facilities, mini fridge £70/day, £368/week, £840/month £84/day, £420/week, £1000/month
Small flat 1 single bed, 1 table, desk and chair, 1 armchair, 1 sink, 1 drawer, 1 cabinet   £85/day, £430/week, £1010/month
Large flat Double bed, desk and chair, kitchen   £105/day, £480/week, £1210/month

Other prices will apply for students from partner institutions.

Some of the flats can accommodate a spouse or partner, and if need be, a child over 12 years of age.
Unfortunately, the MFO can not usually host children.
Please note that pets are not allowed.


For more information and bookings, please contact Catherine O’Sullivan secretary[at]